Side x Side

Side x Side Contemporary is a non-profit online platform with a mission to open the margins of contemporary art with an accessible and expansive program for viewing and exhibiting the work of global artists. 

We are creating a new kind of approachable venue by eliminating some of the barriers to exhibiting work on an international level. Through initiatives such as free open calls and unrestricted geographical participation, we are opening doors to circulate fresh viewpoints from a worldwide audience. We exist to support artists of varying backgrounds by creating a space for opportunity, interconnection, and exchange.

Side x Side Contemporary has several opportunities for global artists during each year, including online exhibitions, interviews, and social media features. Contemporary artists from anywhere on this planet are encouraged to apply. 

Side x Side Contemporary opened at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic to respond to a need for more accessible artist opportunities . This online space runs by volunteer artist-curators who are interested in finding and exhibiting strong, quality work from global artists at every level while committed to supporting marginalized and underrepresented artists. 

Founded and Curated by: 
Mana Mehrabian & Krista Brand 

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